Sports betting in Latin America

Sports betting in Latin America

G3 Magazine seized the opportunity to talk sports betting with Anna Shahbazyan, BetConstruct Regional Director in Latin America.

1. What offices, staff and infrastructure has BetConstruct’s established in LATAM and which countries do you currently serve with your products and services?

We have offices in Uruguay and Peru. These offices provide full customer support in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Round-the-clock multilingual support is only part of what we offer to our partners. While our team in Peru provides customer support to our partners, the team in Uruguay helps our partners address technical issues. We have also recently appointed a representative in Mexico. With this we cover all of Latin America.

2. What are BetConstruct’s most popular products in the market - and does this change from country to country?

The most popular product for us is Sportsbook. However, that changes rather from customer to customer than from country to country. We have partners who have more experience in casino or social gaming, and we are able to provide them with different options for them to be competitive in the market.

3. What are the most popular sports and key competitions around which betting is concentrated?

In South America football is by far the most popular sport. However, if we geographically go higher in Latin America, we can see baseball, basketball and American football to be really important.

Definitely, we keep focused on the UEFA Champions League, the Copa Libertadores and special events like the World Cup and local leagues.

4. What characterizes sports-betting and lottery players in LatAm - and how big are the differences in player preferences from country to country?

One word – passion! Latin American players have passion for sports in general. They have passion for their teams, their country. This kind of passion is unmatched in other places of the earth.

5. How important is it to have a local presence in the market in LatAm?

Very important. Partners here like to know who they are talking to. They want someone who knows the ins and outs of this market, someone who knows the legislation and regulations.

They also want to speak their own language, talk with people who know their customs.

6. What level of mobile penetration do you see and how are operators incorporating mobile into their player offer?

Well, mobile is no longer the future. It is the present. We see more and more providers that are more interested in mobile. That’s why, we offer them native IOS and Android apps and web responsive content.

In the future most games will be played directly on our mobiles and we have to be aware of that.

“LatAm operators understand that in order to remain competitive in the market they need to offer the best and latest technology possible. It is simple - the client wants to play with an operator with the best technology, games and service.”


 7. How does the LatAm market compare to BetConstruct’s other global markets?

It is an emerging market. Only in the last couple of years this region has had legislation changes and these developments are still ongoing. LatAm is a growing market, in comparison to Europe that is a mature market. This makes working in the LatAm region very interesting.

8. What has been the impact of BetConstruct’s OGWIL lottery game in the market?

It has been very positive. The game has gained great popularity in the market because our partners can give something to their clients that makes them different, unique.

9. The Brazil Gaming Act is being debated this week - what are your expectations for that market and how are you preparing for the potential and opportunities Brazil could offer?

The Brazilian market is expected to be one of the biggest ones in the world, so the whole industry is waiting for the developments related to the legislation. We have been preparing ourselves making plans for the future that include physical presence, too. This surely well depends on the decision the lawmakers make in the coming weeks.

10. What defines LatAm operators in terms of their offer to players and willingness to offer the latest technology/products?

LatAm operators understand that in order to remain competitive in the market they need to offer the best and latest technology possible. It is simple - the client wants to play with an operator with the best technology, games and service.