ICE 2016 – Gaming Management System – At the heart of Spring.

ICE 2016 – Gaming Management System – At the heart of Spring.

At the heart of the Spring Platform is the Gaming Management System (GMS), at ICE 2016 BetConstruct will demonstrate the latest version of the GMS. The GMS back-office now includes player profiling, loyalty scheme and bonus management. Additionally, the CRM and campaign manager allows operators to develop more sophisticated marketing campaigns to assist them attract and retain players.

Recently BetConstruct announced that the GMS will be made available as open source. In addition to the GMS, all interface code needed to connect the GMS with other gaming products will be made open source. This open source initiative is the first in the gaming industry and should provide operators greater flexibility in architecting their gaming infrastructures.

As part of the open source initiative BetConstruct will release fully commented and documented source code to allow developers to modify and extend the code base. Additionally, BetConstruct will create an online community to allow developers to share ideas and seek answers to questions.

Via this initiative, BetConstruct will allow operators to build their own unique capabilities that can differentiate them in the marketplace, and provide development efficiency and scalability through the use of community code and the ability to employ third party systems integrators.