George Voyatzis discusses sports betting in Asia

George Voyatzis discusses sports betting in Asia

BetConstruct strengthened its presence in Asia in the summer of 2016. G3 Magazine spoke to our Commercial Director George Voyatzis about the impact BetConstruct has made in the region and our current customer base in the Asian marketplace.


  1. BetConstruct has strengthened its presence in Asia. What has been the impact both for BetConstruct and regional customers in Asia? 

Asia is a region that BetConstruct has always been active in, and we have been regular exhibitors at various shows in Macau and Manila for a number of years.  We are now working to have a full-time local presence and local staff to cater for our existing clients as well as help us grow exponentially in the region. It is the natural progression. This has also been in the case in Europe, Africa and South America in the last few years, with BetConstruct opening many new offices. Now having a stronger presence in Asia has allowed us to improve our customer service to our partners, which is something of the upmost importance.  We have already seen an uplift in productivity.    


       2. Could you describe how BetConstruct’s Asian View Sportsbook has been localised to serve the needs of your partners in the     Asia region and how it works in conjunction with your advanced Agent System software?

Our Asian View Sportsbook and Agent System products were developed to meet surging demand. It is crucial for the region’s operators and players.  It is important to note that we have developed the Asian View Sportsbook and Agent System with and for our partners.  We have worked tirelessly in making sure it is optimised for the market and continue to ensure it is at the forefront technologically. The Agent System complements our Sportsbook and again is something very important for the region, as up to 90% of sports betting volume in Asia is based on the credit model. Giving our operators flexibility and market-leading solutions is one of BetConstruct’s main ethos. 


         3. Could you describe the differences between the presentation of sports books for the Asian market as compared to Europe - particularly the way that Asian players look at the categories very differently from the rest of the world?

It is worth noting that some parts of Asia do use the same layout as one would see amongst operators in European jurisdictions. However, the region does by large majority demand an Asian View Sportsbook. This differs from European style views by providing greater visibility to betting opportunities categorised primarily by time and then by sport or league.  This is especially active in-play and betting on football.  Asian users like more time-focused and uniform layout of markets. 



          4. The Asian sports-betting market is a mature sector. What are the specific opportunities for BetConstruct in the Asian market right now?

The Asian sports betting market is far from saturation, and there is a demand for a comprehensive and flexible sports betting solution. Sportsbook is our core product at BetConstruct, with 30,000 live events per month in addition to many unique and flexible back office tools for its management. We have functions such as cash-out, margin and market control, which are all unique for Asian operators. Our Sportsbook has markets and events not available at the biggest Tier 1 operators. Our flexibility has already seen much traction in Asia and we expect this to grow exponentially in the coming years. 


          5. How do you tempt well-established sports-book operators in Asia to switch to BetConstruct? What are your advantages over the competition?

The BetConstruct Sportsbook provides the most comprehensive and flexible coverage in the industry.  We have a number of unique and flexible functions mentioned that create a very compelling product for Asian operators. 

We have the Asian View and Agent Systems, but also enhanced Asian Handicap markets and events popular in the region. The availability of Asian Handicap markets, named because of their popularity in Asia, is vital, as they largely eliminate the possibility of a draw. It also allows players to get better odds on lopsided events. The BetConstruct Sportsbook includes such handicaps on football and other sports, and we have developed the appropriate algorithms that allow operators to add more markets with ease. In addition, as many well-established sports betting operators work on a much tighter margin, we have a system that allows our partners to edit and set the percentage margin.   

Our solution is not only market-leading in terms of sports coverage, but also the most commercially viable. We also have a number of integration modules and ability to move or start operations is straightforward.