BetConstruct’s casino suite offers over 2000 top games

BetConstruct’s casino suite offers over 2000 top games

Greg Loucaides, BetConstruct’s Head Of Gaming Operations, spoke to the Casino International Magazine about BetConstruct’s Casino Suite.

One of the main principles at BetConstruct is to offer a Tier 1 level of service to businesses of all sizes, whether they be start-ups or established brands. The Casino Software is no different. BetConstruct, in addition to creating their own unique content, has collaborated with some of the biggest casino game providers on the planet to give casino operators an offering that can compete directly with the biggest names in the business.

“We will never be satisfied with our game line-up,” says Greg Loucaides, BetConstruct’s Head Of Gaming Operations, “BetConstruct can offer a new entry into the casino marketplace access to over 2.000 casino games to launch their business with, but we are in constant negotiation with content providers and that number will continually rise.” Couple the extensive offering with the impressive Spring platform consisting of a loyalty program, full-featured Bonus and CRM systems, detailed reporting and more, the path from partnership to success - whilst by no means an easy one - is made as obstacle free as possible.

The Spring platform is the culmination of thousands of hours of work, and puts some real power into the hands of casino managers. This tool allows the operator unprecedented control of their product, unifying all of the many and varied back offices of the game providers into one intuitive and user-friendly admin. “I’ve not seen a stronger tool for promotional campaign management either; Spring is a godsend!” says Loucaides. “In the old days, an operator would have had to juggle as many as 15 different back end tools to handle the kind of offering we have; now everything is taken care of in one place leaving the casino management more time to focus on the KPIs and achieving the best possible results.”

When a partner signs up with BetConstruct they can choose how closely they want to be involved in the day to day operations of the casino. They can run every element by themselves or hand over the running to BetConstruct’s experienced team of casino professionals. “It’s entirely up to the operator, we are more than happy to help them run everything, assuming they require any help, or indeed, we can take care of the business fully and allow the operator to focus on marketing the brand and bringing in new customers,” says Loucaides.

With over 200 operators currently using their services, BetConstruct is no shadowy secret organisation, and as you will no doubt have seen from their large and eye-catching presence at gaming conferences throughout the world, it is clear that neither are they willing to stick with what they have. “It is always a pleasure to meet with new, like-minded people and work together to realise their potential. Nevertheless, our first priority is to ensure that the partnerships we already have in place are flourishing.” Loucaides continues, “Communication is key, and to that end, we dedicate an account manager to every partner. The partner and account manager will have open lines of communication and not in just a reactive capacity. I expect every account manager to know their clients intimately, know every facet of their business and proactively assist in the continuous search for growth.”

That growth has been exponential for BetConstruct too. Presently there are 200 partners and the company employs over a thousand people based in 10 locations throughout the world. This global coverage offers partners a local point of contact, and by employing a local workforce within each of the offices, it goes a long way to removing the cultural barriers that can affect such multinational ventures.

The article was originally published in May, 2016 Issue 97 of the Casino International Magazine.