BetConstruct announces the launch of Open Face Chinese Poker

BetConstruct announces the launch of Open Face Chinese Poker

Open Face Chinese Poker, also known as Open Face Chinese or OFC, which is the newest poker variant that is currently spreading like wildfire across the globe, is immediately available to all BetConstruct clients.


The game consists of two to four players, each of whom receive five cards, face down, which they place on a board consisting of three levels – back (5), middle (5) and front (3). Cards are subsequently dealt, one at a time, until each player has 13 cards which they have arranged on their individual board. To be considered a legal and viable, each player’s three hands must be of sequential strength, in decreasing order, from back to front. Failure to achieve this causes fouls and receives penalties.


Rather than betting prior to each round, the game is played out in full, following which points and bonuses (which have an agreed pre-assigned financial value) are scored for winning hands and particular card combinations.


Suren Khachatryan, BetConstruct’s CEO has said that “Poker games are continuously evolving – and that’s the reason the genre has stood the test of time”. Khachatryan furthered that “Open Faced Chinese side events are already being held at the European Poker Tour, the World Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker. The game combines simple rules with big drama, which is why it’s compelling and popular with both professionals and amateurs alike”


Levon Gyulzadyan, the product manager for OFC at BetConstruct, added that “the game is only a few years old, yet is has already attracted millions of players as it offers a type of tactical play that is not present in other versions of poker. Since opponents can see each other's cards, there is no bluffing, but the depth of the strategic nuances make OFC captivating and unique”.